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Setup your Shell for Kubernetes and get productive quickly

This site is the companion to the KubeCon 2022 NA talk:

Set Up Your Shell For Kubernetes Productivity And Be Efficient Quickly - Sebastien “Prune” Thomas, Wunderkind & Archy Ayrat Khayretdinov, Google

Follow this website to run the demos on your own laptop.

Also check the slide deck that was used during the presentation.

You can also watch the KubeCon Na 2022 talk on Youtube.


This tutorial is running some commands that creates local files that are needed throughout the demos. We recommend you open a shell and cd into this folder:

mkdir -p ~/demo/base
cd ~/demo/base

to get access to some larger yaml files, you can also clone the repo using git. This is not needed though.

git clone

# if you don't have a git account, you can clone anonymously with:
# git clone

cd k8s_setup_tools